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Simply provide your models or drawings, or a description of your parts

Getting a quote

We love to hear from businesses and individuals with needs for parts machined, whether they be complex precise components needing series production pricing, or prototype parts with small batch quantities of 1, 5, 20.

Send us an email with your part description and any drawings or solid models (STEP, IGES, F3D) you have available.
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What to include?

Always include the following when requesting a quote:

  • Solid Model of parts.
  • Drawings of parts if available.
  • Material required.
  • Quantity of parts.
  • Mention any critical tolerances.
  • What lead time do you require.
  • Any details important to your part.

We love to hear about the story your parts have to tell, let us know what your parts purpose is. It's great to keep this in mind whilst machining your parts.

Accepting a quote

Once we've received all your drawings and models, along with the details above, we will beaver away at produce some preliminary toolpaths for your parts. We will talk to our material suppliers to ensure we get the correct grade of material for your order at the best price, and come back with a package price that generally will price components per piece at your requested quantity.

Bear in mind pricing is highly dependant on quantities, due to different methods (and upfront cost) of manufacturing different batch sizes.

To accept your part, please email back to us with your quote reference and we will send over an invoice, unless you've send us a purchase order for your parts.