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Precision engineering and CNC machining

We help individuals, small businesses and SMEs bring their products to life through the manufacture of CNC machined parts.


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Advanced 3D Milling and Machining.

CAD CAM capabilities drive down UK part cost

Through our expertise in advanced CAD CAM software we can ensure the correct mix of machine performance, accuracy and surface finish appropriate for your part and its application.
High performance toolpath planning allows our machines to rapidly remove the maximum amount of material in the shortest time, so we're able to take our time on the finish pass, kissing the part into perfect specification.

Precision Engineering Company providing CNC Subcontract Manufacturing

Modern CAD/CAM

Powerful CAD/CAM tools mean faster models, more efficient tool paths. We are able to decrease part cost with better CNC operations.

Thorough Inspection

In-process inspection capable using Renishaw probing systems, we offer First Article Inspection where required.

Understanding Materials

We can help provide development experience in specifying a material for your part to achieve appropriate strength, cost and tolerances.

Prototype to Batch

Love CNC offer prototype and pre-production parts to validate your designs, and then can take this knowledge of your part to develop a cost effective manufacturing plan for batch production.

Finishing - A to Z

From Anodising to Zinc Plating, we offer bead blasting, power coating, sulfuric anodising (colour and hard) and zinc plating through our comprehensive supplier network.

Stay up to date

Your parts are special, so we make sure you stay in touch with them through updates during all processing steps.

High Tolerance or 3D Milling Work Accepted

Batch and Single Run Parts

We excel at CNC machining parts for various sectors including Automotive, Heavy Industry, Science, Medical.
Taking the time to understand the story behind your parts set us apart from other shops just importing a model and pressing 'GO', how a part is used and what it is for helps drive our efficiency up, alongside your profits.

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