Our Capabilities

Make sure we are good match for your parts

As a subcontract precision engineering company Love CNC focuses on operations which can add value to customers needing engineering services, whether it be batch production, prototyping parts or needing 1 or 2 units to repair machinery or other general engineering.

Our work envelope tops out a 1000 x 500 x 500 mm, providing customers with the capability for both large parts, and efficient batch production of smaller parts. With a comprehensive tool catelog in stock, we are ready to machine all standard materials, and also exotics at short notice. Through excellent relationships cultivated with material suppliers across the UK we can ensure the best price for the raw material for your orders, or deal with free issue depending on volume.

A small sample of materials we can machine and source:

  • Aluminium (6060, 6082 etc)
  • Mild Steel
  • Tool Steel (Most grades)
  • Stainless Steel (304/316/303 etc)
  • Titanium (Grade 5, 6AL-4V)
  • Plastics (Nylon, PVC, Acetal)

One of the most critical parts of machining, is the program running the machine itself. The best tools and the best machine are not performing for customers when they are programmed poorly. We have refined our programming processes to both reduce the time taken to program parts, reducing the price of single run parts, and effectively produce efficient code for our machines making the most out of both the machine and the selected tools capabilties.

This is how we can complete on a global level, and show that to achieve the cost price neccesary to compete in your market you need not offshore products. They can be produced locally in the UK given the right approach.